CO-FOUNDer & Executive Director

Rebecca is committed to ensuring all leaders and learners have the skills, tools, and community they need to thrive in the 21st century. She has experience as an innovative educator, principal, trainer of education leaders, and Fulbright researcher in diverse contexts. Rebecca began her career as a bilingual Teach for America educator and supported the launch of Caliber Schools. As a founding principal for SPARK Schools' first campus in an inner-city, she designed and facilitated over 250 hours of professional development for the network's 100 teachers. She led innovations, created a social emotional learning curriculum and report card, supported her teachers to design models of parent engagement, and collaborated with her students to win the Design for Change South Africa competition. As Program Director of Dignitas, she designed and implemented a new model for coaching and training over 200 school leaders to improve low-fee private schools in Nairobi's informal settlements. She has interviewed over 200 parents, students, and education leaders across Africa and India and documented learning in 35 schools across Southern Africa. When Rebecca is not designing and facilitating learning experiences, she shares visual stories of education leaders and life in Nairobi to over 37,000 followers on Instagram @stickylittleleaves.





A Nairobi-native, Jonathan is a community builder who deeply believes in the power of bringing diverse people and organizations together to achieve common goals. To this end, he has supported event and learning design at African Leadership University and founded and led the LOVE Project, an initiative that bolsters mental and emotional health in African communities. At African Leadership Academy, Jonathan pursued his A-level studies, entrepreneurial leadership and African studies. He describes himself as a passionate storyteller, and leverages journalism to as a tool for human rights activism as a contributing writer for Pawa254. Jonathan is also a corporate MC, a public speaker, and a published writer. At Metis, he supports curriculum and event design and operations.