"Metis 2017-2018: Lessons from our Pilot"
Rebecca Crook & Kathlyn Pattillo (2018)
We share our lessons learned and impact from piloting Metis.

"Looking for Innovation in Education? Go To Kenya"
Kathlyn Pattillo (2018)
Our Co-Founder shares what makes Nairobi a hub for education innovation and why the city has the conditions for collective impact to emerge.

"Lessons From Leaders And Learners in Southern Africa"
Rebecca Crook (2017)
Our Co-Founder shares insights from her journey to document education innovators and visit over 35 schools in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

"East Africa Education Conference: Dignitas Kenya"
Rebecca Crook (2017)
In her role as Program Director of Dignitas, our Co-Founder spoke at a regional conference to showcase the Dignitas model for supporting leaders in low-fee private schools to drive higher quality and stronger learning outcomes.

"SPARK Schools: A Blueprint for Education"
Featuring Rebecca Crook (2014)
In her role as Associate Director of Student Achievement at SPARK Schools, our Co-Founder explained the SPARK model for blended learning, tracking student achievement, and professional development for teachers.

"Quiet Corruption: Teachers Unions and Leadership in South African Township Schools"
Kathlyn Pattillo (2012)
Our Co-Founder's analysis of the root causes for why South Africa's national reforms failed to improve schools, focusing on how local political context and unions impacted incentives facing principals, and ultimately limited the impact of reforms.