We drive innovation, collaboration, and stronger learning outcomes across Nairobi's ecosystem, enabling it to be a model for the African continent, through a collective impact approach that develops leaders. Inspired by Pahara Institute, Camelback VenturesStrive, and Teach for All.


Through our Fellowship, we equip leaders to reimagine and build higher quality education initiatives.



Through our deep networks of contacts in Nairobi and Africa's education ecosystems, we scout talent, seek nominations from partners, and build a pipeline of leaders with potential.


We build a respected group of leaders with proven track records of driving education impact, who know the local context; they select each cohort and advise our program design.



Fellows receive support from global experts in their field to support them in overcoming obstacles and strengthening leadership skills in their growth areas (for example, strategy, program design, financial modeling, goal setting and execution, impact measurement). Learn more about our Metis Mentors here.

community of practice

The 2019 cohort will be comprised of 3 subgroups innovating around: Teacher Training, Pathways to Scale, and Skills for 21st Century Challenges. All fellows receive skills development on Reimagining Education, Leading Innovation, and Sustaining Impact through bi-weekly cohort summits, guest speakers, experiential learning visits, and online learning platform with tools and resources, linked to practical capstone project.


Curated connections to sources of Talent: potential advisors, team members, vetted service providers (legal, marketing, mental health, etc) and Capital: opportunities for grants and impact investment, with support to pitch and apply.



We create spaces for African education innovators in our network to collaborate and share lessons learned from their successes and failures.


We elevate the voices of our Fellows, getting them miked and bylined through conferences, publishing, and other prestigious global opportunities, so that leaders with metis (local knowledge) can have more influence in the international education reform space.


Our model is built on four core beliefs, backed by the latest research about how shifts in education systems happen.

1. AN ECOSYSTEM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERS is the key lever to reform education systems.
We support leaders united by a shared vision of outcomes, no matter the medium: entrepreneurs launching new schools, non-profits and edtech companies, and intrapreneurs transforming existing schools, government policy, and unions.

2. AN EDUCATION FOCUS & EXPERTISE will enable higher quality and transformational initiatives.
We bring together practitioners tackling similar challenges across the cradle to career spectrum - from ECD to primary/secondary/university and skills training, with low/mid/high income students - because they can strengthen each other.

3. METIS - LOCAL KNOWLEDGE - is critical to shift complex, entrenched systems.
Our Investment Council knows the local context and chooses leaders with an inclusive lens, making long-term, calculated bets on innovators who others might see as high-risk - people of color, women, and leaders from marginalized communities.

4. A MOVEMENT FOR COLLECTIVE IMPACT will create more sustainable change than disruption in isolated silos.
Our Fellowship creates the conditions for collaborative solutions to emerge and spread across Nairobi's ecosystem.

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Our model taps into the energy and dedication of education leaders like this one, who grades compositions in the brightest corner of his classroom in a low-fee community school in Nairobi.